Month one done, 17 lbs down!

I AM SORRY this post is going up way way later than it should have but here it is regardless!! I should have another up in the next 24 hours!

After a 2 hour car ride and 5 hour flight, I got home. Happily I hopped straight into my fluffy bed and saw that Chicago finally decided to wake up and transform into spring! It was dead and gloomy before I left.

Besides that the first thing I wanted to check was my weight and I am down 17 lbs, wow!  Plumping up pre-op was probably a smart idea or else I'd be all gangly and skeletal.  A few of my friends are like "Wow I need to try that diet", *side eye*, "why yes, I recommend everyone get their jaw broken for vanity in a few places and be subjugated to a liquid diet from hell !"

I absolutely ADORE food so it seems all that I come across now are foods that I cannot touch, and I'm far too afraid to shove them in a blender and traumatize myself. You name it on the ban list for another 4 WEEKS!!! Every surgeon has their own set of rules, and I have 4 weeks to go. Im already making a wishlist of items that I can eat in a few months, yes I have problems and Im obsessed with food :).

Since I've been home some foods I've really enjoyed such as: lentil soup, portobello mushroom soup, french onion soup, murgh makani (vegetarian curry), salted caramel smoothie, refried beans with salsa, key lime pie gelato, and oatmeal have all been good to me! I'll post recipes shortly with photos that dont include a plastic cup (not very appetizing). I also wanted to mention that I've been using a Vitamix, and love it. Bought this way back in '09 since I was obsessed with smoothies, then forgot about it *yeah bad I know*. Now its being used 2-3x a day minimum, so I guess that guilty purchase feeling has left the building.

It seems crazy that an entire month has passed since my surgery, and Im not going to lie, it is tough. To anyone starting this journey or in the midst of it, know that its mostly fun and games till the last few weeks before your surgery. Also if there is any advice I can offer anyone thinking about having jaw surgery, do your research, be realistic, and know what you're signing up for. Its sooooooooooo easy to get caught up in seeing amazing before/afters and thinking "YES, I WANT this!"...  (I admit, I was one of those people)!! But now that Im knee deep in it, I KNOW those smiling faces went through years of braces, endured surgical recovery, and struggled with a depth of emotional highs and lows. Its not an impossible journey, its just difficult, but if you trust yourself that you can handle it, you will make it :) . Each day down is a reminder that each day marked off on the calender is one day closer to eating real food and getting back to living a somewhat normal life. Every day I am relearning what it means to be patient and to be kind to myself. Also to the best of my ability, I'm not allowing myself to get emotional or give my face emotional weight because its got a long way to go. Getting attached on things I like or dislike is going to be troublesome down the line. In a recent conversation with a good friend she mentioned, our appearance is our currency. People buy, sell, trade, and communicate based on what that looks like. I have mixed feelings with that statement, but to a degree, its true. When I look in the mirror now, I have my same forehead, eyes, nose (somewhat), fullness of cheeks and lips. So I do see "me" in the mirror, just that things are a little bit off and I'm going to attribute that to the swelling. So far I've avoided doing side by side pics, because it will not be a fair comparisons. Still taking daily/weekly pictures but I'm not at a point where I am comfortable to post them yet. I will do that at week 6 or 8.

Here are the changes to my bite and airway. 

So happy that my bite is hitting right and I feel like I can breathe!


  1. Wow, your xrays tell a lot! :)

  2. Hi, if it is not to personal of a question, did you have health insurance? The reason I ask, I am also a orthognathic jaw surgery candidate (scheduled to have a consult with with Gunson later next month). I am also in Arizona and I am currently shopping for health insurance. It would be of great help if you could share what your experience was with your insurance provider and how helpful they were with covering expenses (assuming that you do have health insurance and that again, this is not to personal of a question).

    1. Hi Steven, I just had surgery - maybe this post may help? Jaw Surgery Insurance




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