Telogen Effluvium.

So Telogen Effluvium, thats whats going on! Getting ready to hit the month 4 mark... and I've noticed my hair is shedding, ridiculously shedding. Anytime I run my fingers through my hair or even with a comb, I feel like dozens upon dozens of strands are falling straight from the follicle...My inner feline, in a bad way, is starting to make her debut, I am getting alarmed... 

I did a little bit of research the other night and it appears to be a common occurrence after a stressful event such as surgery, pregnancy etc. Apparently my body was holding on to every possible nutrient and such for several months. My nails for example, well I had nails for the first time EVER it was like one of those ads for healthy nails, and my hair was ridiculously thick. I cant complain but now nails are pretty much back to their old ways, breaking with more ease and hair is falling fast... It also might have something to do with a med that I started 2-3 weeks ago, its called Feldene, an anti inflammatory for the crunching going on in my left joint (long story)-- Who knows but if you're experiencing a lot of hair loss and such post op, turns out you're in the norm. In a few months hopefully things will cycle back to normal and I wont be shedding like a cat... It seems women are prone to acne and some hair loss post op, hopefully that is it!  

Another fun jaw surgery fact brought to you by your balding jaw buddy! haha.

Also a huge thank you to everyone--who reached out to me privately and publicly regarding my last post, you definitely helped put my heart at ease.  Its important to ask questions and look for solutions instead of curling into the fetal position and weeping. Its a journey, you just have to keep on trekking to get there. Will update on that next!


  1. OMG, I just wrote about this!

    1. Here is the post:

    2. I just went to your blog and read your post!!!How funny! ITS crazy how much hair is falling- definitely has to do with stress and nutrition... Did you have any awareness pre-op that serious hair shedding might happen? Im at a point right now where its like "what else will come up?" Here's to hoping it gets better soon!

  2. Hi Bleedingorchid,

    I had surgery with Dr. Gunson 5 weeks ago, it it alright if I ask you some questions over e-mail?




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