Its been awhile... yes I am a shitty blogger!

Yes indeed it has been awhile... Happy New Years everyone!

 Figured its about time I update since its been a good few months since my last post. Sorry to anyone who was waiting or looking for an update! I have not fallen off the earth nor consumed by a voracious carnivore ....yet.

Jaw update-
Over the last few months, a huge amount of residual swelling has gone down and I have greater mobility with my lips. While this is very welcome news, it has revealed that I am now asymmetrical, with my left side being more pronounced in my cheek and jawline and more subdued on the right side. Now I went into surgery SYMMETRICAL so now trying to deal with this has been kind of upsetting. I've contacted my surgeons office and they've mentioned several times it is likely swelling and will take time to balance out. I figured if I stopped obsessing over it, it will go down. It looks like its not.
Which to me could mean a number of things. First thought- it might be the grafting, it absorbed more so on my right side than my left hence the unevenness or possibly there was more grafting done to one side. Secondly my jaw was re positioned with an angle to ensure the condyles would sit comfortably in their new home, or I may have healed incorrectly. Who knows. Swelling takes forever to get down, and I'm the first to agree WITH this statement, but I just passed the 8 month mark and being lopsided is somewhat disheartening.

I have been taking pictures of my progress weekly/monthly- and I know some people who were following my case closely are wondering what the hell happened? Why arent you posting pictures of your face.... Well the truth is, Im not completely happy with the way things are looking right now and have been waiting for things to settle. Teeth arent positioned properly, midlines are off, there is asymmetry with my jawline and cheeks. Im probably seeing more than the average Joe would, but I see it. Its my face.

Just emailed my surgeon this morning with updated pictures, and he needs to see me to figure what might have caused/causing this and how to resolve it. I hope and pray its nothing serious.

To all my jaw buddies, friends reading this, I hope you are all well, healthy and much happiness is bound your way. Hope to catch up with you all soon. If anyone has any specific questions drop me a message/email down below.

Be well.


  1. Hey sorry to hear you're still having issues. I'm almost 6 months post op and I'm still visibly lopsided. It's mostly swelling in my one cheek and right side in general but I also have a callus apparently where they broke my jaw which should go away in the next year. Other than my nose widening 2mm, I'm thrilled with my results. Now if I can get these damn braces off! I still have 3 months. Are you in braces still?

    Btw this is reosity from the forums.

    1. Hey there Reosity, good to hear from you! I am STILL in braces can you believe it, my teeth are a complete effing mess, its kind of heartbreaking that Im dealing with this shit this far in, most people are brace free or almost brace free at this point.
      You know what Im running across most if not all of the A/G patients Im talking to are dealing with the SAME issues give or take- it must mean there is something that is causing us all to encounter these issues.
      Can you explain the callous in more detail, what does it feel like and does it hurt?
      Are you planning on doing anything about the widening nose or just living with it?

  2. Your teeth are still a mess? That's so odd at this point. Is it crowding, overjet, or? My teeth developed a small cant post surgery and my midline is a little off but I should be finished by april. My ortho likes to go REAL slow which is frustrating but I appreciate not rushing I guess.

    The callus is a protrusion on the jawline around where the plate is. It's hard to tell where it is because I still have swelling in that general area but Dr.G could feel it at my last appointment. No pain though.

    The nose I'm not so sure, I have to wait until the 1.5 year mark but I'm leaning towards just leaving it. Nose jobs I hear are usually tricky and the surgery has pretty much corrected my lip incompetence/chin strain and that is what my goal for surgery was. My nose being wider is annoying but not a big deal.




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